British Airways

mobile redesign


The initial brief was to make the ba mobile experience look and feel consistent across all mobile devices at all touch points in the customer journey. From booking tickets to arriving back home dreaming about the next trip away. After presenting two design approaches, it was clear the everyone favoured the more innovative design thinking as opposed to the safer option. Working in close collaboration with the client and OglivyOne, I was the designer from the imano team for creating the early concepts and design for ba’s latest apps and mobile website.

BA app

British Airway’s native iOS and Android app focused on a user centered design approach and a user interface that realigned with the British Airways brand and current desktop website. By focusing the app on user needs, time and location. Content and information is presented at the right moment for every step of the customer’s journey. 

Mobile web & native app web views 

The interactions, UI and visual design was shared between both mobile web and native app to ensure consistency. For a smooth user experience this approach was vital because the apps featured web views.

Responsive mobile website on tablet